Video wall

An image system comprising a set of professional video panels interconnected and capable of playing content from various sources in mono and multi-window mode.
Video walls are a modern and effective choice for visualizing content both indoors and outdoors.
Video wall with using LCD panels
Only professional LCD panels are used to build video walls.

A distinct advantage of a video wall displayed on LCD panels is the depth of the module, which allows you to mount them on a surface in a way that significantly saves space and is ideal for small rooms, or original installations.

A vivid image with magnificent color reproduction is achieved by utilizing the spectacular capabilities of the LED backlighting from the LCD panel.
Video wall with using LED modules
Light-emitting diode (LED) video walls are always capable of unsurpassed brightness, excellent reproduction of colors, and high reliability. These video walls can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Special sealed LED video wall modules work in rainy, windy and frosty weather. Due to the high resolution and small distance between LED pixels, the LED video wall can be used not only for advertising installations, but also for control rooms and situational centers.

The power consumption of LED technology is considered one of the lowest.
Video wall with using video cubes
The video cube is a complex rear projection, projection system that is also the most common and most expensive solution for building video walls.

Video cubes have a number of important advantages, the main of which is the ability to work 365 days a year, 24/7.

This feature is very important for dispatching and situational centers, where situation monitoring must take place continuously.

Video wall with using a video projector
Professional powerful video projectors are used to form huge screens and complex architectural forms.

Such projectors are able to create an image not only on a flat, but also on a rounded or even hemispherical surface.

The controller, external or built into the projector, forms a holistic seamless image of any size.
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