Office printing outsourcing

By choosing a print outsourcing solution, companies free up more time to focus on their core business, enhance information security, and save on printing costs.
Office printing outsourcing is a service to ensure that your printing processes are as efficient as possible for your business. Run a business, not printers!

Key benefits of print outsourcing
  • No need for the unnecessary investment in the purchase of MFPs and printers
    The client receives new professional-level equipment from the world's leading manufacturers (Xerox, HP, Canon, Epson and others).
  • Proactive service
    Uninterrupted printing, with no delays, due to our proactive service and support for your company, with a reserve of consumables and replacement equipment.
  • More time for IT specialists to focus on pressing tasks that require their attention
    Print outsourcing helps our clients to save time, and in turn, this frees up IT and administrative resources that are important for your core business needs.
  • Additional information protection
    The ability to operate with additional security resulting from a more complete, and in-depth, control of the printing process. (authorization of users, prevention of situations with erroneous printing or documents with confidential data forgotten on the device).
  • Reduced printing costs
    The use of PRO technology with low cost printing, as well as the use of hardware and software for managing the printing process (forced duplex printing, color printing management, etc.).
Stages of interaction:
Audit of the current printing fleet
Conducting a free audit.
Outcome of the audit and proposals for optimization
Selection of the optimal equipment, software, and service package, taking into account the needs of the client.
Implementation of the agreed solution
Installation, configuration of equipment and software.
Staff training, service, consumables and spare parts.
Basic conditions of Print Outsourcing from ITCare:
Option A
Option B
Option C
As a business partner of © XEROX Corporation, our company offers leading scalable hardware and software solutions that meet the highest industry standards, take into account the specifics of your organization and integrate into its IT infrastructure.
An extensive regional network of service partners allows us to provide high-quality and prompt service support on a national scale for the required level of SLA (Service Level Agreement) in each regional, district center, as well as in small towns.
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